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What is
Short a news ? or "Short a news" is a news shortener service online with shortened URLs to facilitate simplified information sharing. It's 100% free and anonymous. Makes your daily reading easier with "Short a news", get a shortened URL, and share it to optimize the reading time of your friends.


Why use a short URL for short an article online?

Shortened URLs are nowadays widely used on the Internet. But "Short a news" offers you shortened URLs including the short article that you can use for your work, but also for your learning. In the era of mass information and daily production of news, this will certainly be the best way for you to share a concentrate of information: in the form (shortened URL) but also in the content (shortened URL containing a short article). Short an article on, it's simple and 100% user friendly.



Easily collect short articles

If you are used to collecting information online, you will be able to collect it in quantity, summary, and shortened.


Facilitate the sharing of knowledge

Now share summarized knowledge via shortened URLs. Be more productive in your reading work.


Share simplified news

Give your followers the ability to quickly read simplified information. Make their reading time easier.



Keep a Short news, automatically summarized

Improve your learning productivity with automatic summaries. Stop giving in to misinformation and procrastination about reading.


Include a short summary

In your essays, present a shortened article online with a simple URL.


Learn more quickly

To include several shortened articles in a text, you can simply write shortened URLs. Isn't it more interesting? ;-)

Why people need to reduce news?


Staying informed, reading daily news is a good thing for your personal and professional life. But reduce news easily for our reading is another thing. In this way, this is why people need to reduce news:


Save time

Time is precious. Saving time by reading reduce news is more stimulating and productive.


Have briefs news

Reduce news makes it easier to get information quickly. The reader can have a quick overview of the topics concerned.


Spend less time in front of a screen

A reduce news is avoided time in front of a screen for those who prefer.


Focus on the main points

Why make long, when you can make short, and especially when you need it?

Why short an article is free?


"Short a news" is a non-profit online service that aims to reduce news for Internet people who wish to consult and share qualitatively simplified information. Our mission is to put forward knowledge sharing and learning. And this, formally "shortened".

About the URLs generated by
Short a news


URLs generated by are ephemeral and random URLs. Once generated, the short articles are valid only if the original article is still available online.

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